With a single simple solution from TeamViewer, you can help workforces anywhere reduce ‘technostress’ – better equipping them to fight increasing pressures from complex demands on distributed IT teams and workforces.

In a world of mass inefficiency and rising costs, it can be difficult to cover all your bases when fighting potential security breaches and cybercrime, never mind maintaining productivity. Too often, this has negative effects on employees as well, leading to staff demotivation and churn.

With TeamViewer, you can optimise applications and processes, helping avoid software and process bloat, wherever possible.

TeamViewer Remote streamlines play

Consider the new unified TeamViewer Remote solution. It boasts single-sign-on (SSO) and integrates powerful asset management, patch management and endpoint protection for remote connectivity, access and control, and can be integrated with existing systems.

An integration with LabTech allows target computer connection directly from the computer management screen.

After all, bloat can be as simple as using multiple applications for the same functions or being forced to ‘go the long way around’ and adhere to unnecessary ways of working. Customers should never have to choose between security and convenience.

That’s why TeamViewer Remote also adheres to secure by design principles, with security a core part of an easy-to-use application instead of added on later. Strong end-to-end encryption and advanced protections come standard.

Reducing risk while raising productivity

As a leading remote access platform, TeamViewer also delivers on secure remote password protocols, access rights to managements, two-factor authentication (2FA) and brute force protection.

By reducing technostress, workforces can remain fulfilled and productive at the office. They’ll be more able to address innovation, moving beyond simply ‘keeping the lights on’ for IT.

With so many employees feeling the technostress of being potentially contactable anywhere or any time, for example, valuable talent can easily begin to leach out of organisations — talent which cannot be easily replaced. Additionally, TeamViewer allows remote access of machines as a VNC alternative.

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