Tech-related issues can cause lots of trouble for businesses. It doesn’t matter how prepared you and your employees may be. Some issues are simply too tricky for staff to solve themselves. Similarly, when customers are interacting with your products, they can run into problems that a phone call with your support team may not solve them. This is where Remote Access comes into play, e.g. with the help of RealVNC.

What is Remote Access?

Remote access, or remote support, is a form of support that allows IT technicians to connect remotely to a PC or other device.

Normally, employees or customers would consult the technicians over the phone and describe their problem so that the support team member is able to make a recommendation on how to proceed based on the information. In some situations, it was even necessary for IT technicians to visit employees or customers in person to find a solution to the problem. All of this is time-consuming and can slow down business growth.

With the help of remote assistance solutions, it is possible for the support staff to lend a hand directly. That’s because, if needed, he or she has the ability to remotely control the user’s device after the user has requested support. This makes it easy to get to the bottom of a problem and get the device up and running faster.

Remote access is not limited to support, but can also be used to train new employees or help customers get up to speed on new software. Technicians can easily train new users by taking control of the device.

The most important advantages at a glance

Cost savings
Especially when technical support has to visit in person, travel costs can be high. With repeated technical problems, costs can add up quickly. Remote Acccess not only saves travel costs by solving problems remotely, but can also help reduce costs by reducing downtime.

Improved customer satisfaction
Remote access can contribute to an improved customer experience because issues can be resolved more quickly. This means fewer phone calls need to be made and also reduces time spent on hold, as customer issues can be resolved at the drop of a hat.

Increased access
Remote support ensures that employees receive effective support regardless of location. This is particularly exciting in light of the fact that an estimated 31% of employers now allow remote work. Here in particular, it is expensive and unproductive to send technicians to the employee in person.

Efficiency and productivity
We have shown that remote support can be a much faster method of support. For employees, IT-related issues can have a major impact on productivity. During downtime, work stalls and progress toward goals is halted. Remote support ensures less downtime, which means less disruption for employees. Users also experience a more efficient approach and gain better insights on how to avoid problems in the future.

Knowledge sharing
Remote Assistance ensures access to experts for anyone from anywhere in the world. This means that even customers who live far away from physical support can get help from IT experts at a moment’s notice to get advice quickly and use new systems with confidence.

RealVNC: New Packages & Pricing

Four new packages are replacing the current Home (free), Professional and Enterprise plans and make the offer even more flexible::

  • Essentials: the entry-level plan for individual commercial users and professionals
  • Business Plus: ideal for small teams and SMEs
  • Business Premium: offering enhanced security capabilities, aimed at mid-market and large organisations operating within industries where regulatory compliance is critical
  • Enterprise: offering RealVNC’s full feature set, targeted at organizations with larger, more complex deployments

RealVNC now allows customers to purchase Per Device or Per User.