Whether patching, supporting or administering macOS, iOS, Windows, ChromeOS or Android devices, you can do it all on one platform from anywhere in the world with FileWave.

For FileWave customers, this stand-out mobile device management (MDM) and unified endpoint management (UEM) solution has killer features not found in competitor solutions, saving time by allowing IT admins to modify, test and deploy at file level.

Comprehensively manage all endpoints from one console while the enterprise-grade mobility management and MDM ensures all kinds of devices stay safe and secure, even if they’re wearables or BYOD at the edge, while not forgetting about traditional desktops.

At the same time, with FileWave, you can manage it all whether users are on premise or working remotely at any location, including defining what applications can be installed or upgraded under specific conditions — using Windows MSI, Apple PKG, or custom file packages.

Because the technology is self-healing, you don’t have to worry about users accidentally deleting system-critical files any more either. FileWave automatically repairs and reinstalls any software that’s been removed, corrupted or altered.

Onboarding is easy too, meaning you can have customisable cross-platform support for the IT department or customers that can be adapted or scaled to your needs at pace.

Patches and upgrades can be distributed remotely to your users wherever they are in the world, preserving productivity at all times. That’s regardless of firewalls and other security settings.

But there’s more . . .

FileWave analytics and reporting functionality empower data collection and analysis to see into device or application use and security — identity and access management (IAM) and security monitoring and management for data, devices and applications is also taken care of.

This all makes for easy, streamlined software management and remote distribution that’s also identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring compliance and enforcing best practice.

Troubleshooting can also be done remotely.

FileWave – currently available in version 15 – delivers channel partners and MSPs a next-generation strategic approach across devices, applications and security that goes beyond traditional device management, enhancing service levels, security and user satisfaction.

Version 15 of the FileWave Management Suite has additional enhancements, including further streamlined native and web-based applications, improved licensing features and enhanced profile duplication and support for Apple’s 2023 Spring release.

Late 2022 saw FileWave roll out a new EMEA partner programme – and QBS has seized the opportunity to introduce this game-changing platform to partners. So give us a call on +46 (8) 55121499 or send us a message at nordics@qbssoftware.com.