In remote desktop support, a big concern for organisations is always going to be cybersecurity. That’s why AnyDesk has been increasingly tackling the need to prevent fraud and protect customers – including taking the fight directly to the scammers online.

AnyDesk leverages collaborative efforts and external support in several initiatives aimed at preventing the online scams and fraud to which distributed teams and remote workers can be highly vulnerable.

It’s all about stopping fraud in real time, including adopting scambaiting tactics and skilled exposers of online crime to shut down fraudulent call centres and publicly expose cybercriminals. AnyDesk actions so far have helped take scam call centres offline and helped fund victim protection and advocacy.

A scambaiting initiative involving AnyDesk alongside @Kitboga earlier this year actually stopped 250 devices from accessing an estimated 2500 victims.

This work will inspire collaboration among competitors, with plans afoot to include a list of shared non-descriptive identifiers for stopping fraud on a global level, flagging users that engage in fraudulent activity online, for example.

In addition, AnyDesk is a member of Stop Scams UK, an industry-led collaboration of responsible businesses across the banking, telecoms, and technology sectors on technical measures to counter online scams. Other members include the likes of Google, Meta, and Barclays.

With this partnership, AnyDesk aims to evaluate and implement technical countermeasures to prevent scams from happening. The collaboration encourages technical knowledge transfer and data sharing among all parties. This collaboration will open new doors in terms of fraud prevention and will allow AnyDesk to support and advise other companies on fraud prevention tactics.

Choose AnyDesk on the remote desktop

AnyDesk software is all about enhancing user productivity, wherever they are in the world, enabling industries, sectors and individuals to securely communicate and collaborate.

And AnyDesk’s superior proprietary codec DeskRT achieves this even for organisations and locations with restricted bandwidth and limited resources – whether they’re operating on Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, chromeOS, Android or iOS.

Securely and simply access servers and devices while delivering customer support to users working remotely or from home, using ID, Alias and Remote Desk pathways.

The Discovery feature means support staff can easily see any or all devices with AnyDesk installed, making direct connectivity a breeze; top-row tabs allow multiple sessions to be organised at the same time.

Check out more features in this YouTube video, or this video including customisation tips such as adding your own logo or settings and further installation options.

Unlike some remote desktop solutions too, AnyDesk is blisteringly fast, thanks to its high frame rates, low latency, Erlang server set-up, efficient bandwidth usage and more. Enjoy a fluent on-screen experience wherever you’re working with AnyDesk – give us a call on +46 (8) 55121499 or email at