Key Features


  • Save and sign in with passkeys
  • Unlock 1Password with a passkey (coming soon)
  • Manage and share passkeys

Account Management:

  • Unlock accounts separately
  • View all accounts in one simplified view.
  • State restoration on launch


  • Autofill in Mac apps and macOS system password prompts
  • Autofill any item type including 2FA codes
  • Autosubmit after autofilling
  • Associate logins with Mac apps

Browser extension

  • More robust browser extension integration
  • 1Password for Mac and 1Password in the browser now work as one with faster, more seamless integration.


  • Create personalized collections to see only the vaults and accounts you want to see.

Data recovery

  • Data recovery on crash/power loss
  • 1Password will automatically recover your data in the event of a crash or power interruption.


  • Smarter Encryption integration for HTTPS
  • Powered by DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption, Watchtower will let you know if one of your logins supports a more secure connection.



Christian Röttig
Product Manager
📞 +49 89 2314142 69