JetBrains is a Czech software company with offices in Prague, Saint Petersburg, Boston and Munich. The company was founded in 2000 by Sergey Dmitriev, Eugene Belyaev and Valentin Kipiatkov.

The Java development environment (IDE) IntelliJ IDEA, developed since 2001, is JetBrains’ flagship product.

By using Jetbrains tools, software developers can always focus on code design and thus on the essentials by automating common, repetitive tasks. As a result, results are achieved much faster and quality is guaranteed in all phases of development. At JetBrains, they have a passion for making people more productive through smart software solutions that help them focus more on what they really want to accomplish, and less on mundane, repetitive “computer busy work”.


A smart code quality platform

JetBrains Qodana is a smart code quality platform designed to integrate with any CI/CD pipeline. This powerful static analysis engine brings inspections from JetBrains IDEs to any CI pipeline and reports code quality data for all of your projects in a clean, web-based interface.

With Qodana, you can build quality gates, run resource-intensive checks on the CI server, track code improvement progress, and automate routine tasks like code reviews. Qodana can analyze code written in 60+ languages, including Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Kotlin, Python, Go, and C#.

The platform is compatible with GitHub Actions, GitLab, TeamCity, Jenkins and any other CI/CD tool.

Qodana benefits

  • Speed up code reviews and improvements
    Qodana automates code quality checks to better spot and fix issues.
  • Be on the same page as your team
    Ensure that your teammates apply the same code quality checks. Create clean and consistent code together.
  • Plan your work more effectively
    Analyze code issues, estimate the required amount of work, and monitor your team’s progress with interactive dashboards.
  • Enjoy full integration with JetBrains IDEs
    Qodana brings all of the inspections from JetBrains IDEs to the CI/CD pipeline. Qodana scan results are available in IDEs out of the box, giving you a single source of truth for code quality.