PremiumSoft was founded in 1999 and develops a wide variety of applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux under the label Navicat. PremiumSoft’s family of software increases user productivity and lowers cost of ownership for related applications and technologies. All products accentuate an intuitive user interface and a wide array of powerful features that simplify database management, allowing users to produce high-quality applications and databases quickly and efficiently with ease.

Navicat develops the leading database management and development software. One of its top-rated products, Navicat Premium, allows you to access up to 7 databases all-in-one including MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, and PostgreSQL, eliminating workflow disruption to leverage users’ time and increasing productivity and efficiency.


  • Navicat®: An intuitive and cost-effective DB tool for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSQL development and management; provides easy-access to 7 databases for different operating systems.
  • Navicat® Data Modeler: A powerful and easy-to-use database design tool which helps users build high-quality logical and physical data models. Support a variety of database systems including MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.