With ransomware and other data threats on the rise, it’s tougher than ever for IT teams to manage best-practice detection, protection and backup on an everyday basis.

James Robotham, Unitrends Product Manager at QBS, joins Unitrends Pre-Sales Engineer Wayne Jervis and UK Partner Manager Paul Hollow in this YouTube webinar on how to fight ransomware and other cyber threats with solutions from Unitrends — available now through QBS.

“There could be more cyber threat challenges due to the ongoing conflict issues — and it’s been growing year-on-year for many years,” Robotham says. “Some analysts think that by 2031 ransomware could cost up to $265 billion. So this problem is not going away.”

“These threats are across the board, with many businesses seeing some sort of ransomware attack,” confirms Unitrends’ Wayne Jervis. “In customer discovery calls, ransomware is one of the top issues raised.”

Popular productivity suites are often cause for concern, as are credentials — such as weak or leaked passwords — and data on the dark web that can be easily used to infiltrate an organisation.

“Our UniView platform brings together our Unitrends backup product that protects data on premise and our endpoint solution to protect endpoints that could be roaming, with our SaaS product offering Office [Microsoft] 365 and Google Workspace protection,” explains Jervis.

“We can discover compromised credentials on the dark web, simply by clicking ‘connect’ to the Unitrends tenant to log in through this community platform, into our protection solution.”

Why Unitrends is a great choice for partners and customers

The Unitrends approach to threat defences delivers a 360-degree approach to safeguarding data — going beyond attack prevention to providing an easy path to restoration and recovery post-breach.

Best practice business continuity capability means organisations can get back up to speed fast even if the worst happens — leveraging features including Recovery Assurance and sandboxed testing for compliance.

“An automated test runs through the process of simulating a real recovery in a sandbox environment, booting the workloads and running tests — it’s very powerful,” says Jervis.

Unitrends backup appliances and cloud data protection can eliminate management complexity with UniView’s full-visibility approach while ensuring tested, resilient hardware and software environments.

Paul Hollow, Unitrends UK Partner Manager, urges partners to get in touch by phone or email to take advantage of Unitrends’ award-winning channel programme and rewards schemes.

Click here for the full YouTube webcast (13min), or contact a QBS representative for more information.

( Photo by Tumisu on Pixabay )