Distributed IT — not to mention IT asset sprawl — makes for complexities and challenges in managing IT services that highlight the need for tackling remote working requirements head on.

With remote desktop tools from AnyDesk, partners and customers can solve four key challenges in IT Service Management (ITSM) —

  •  Increasing efficiency and performance of IT support
  • Finding the right tools to simplify and modernise IT processes
  • Expanding administrative and customisable capabilities across departments
  • Meeting employee and customer expectations

IT services managers need to ensure frontend support operates on strong foundations, delivering stability for external and in-house workflows.

The AnyDesk Remote Desktop — trusted by more than 100,000 customers — enables streamlined remote connectivity, from anywhere to any device, regardless of operating system or user level.

With remote desktop software, users can also deliver support and maintenance to endpoints anywhere as well as enhance online team collaboration and remote working capabilities.

Easily and conveniently solve technical issues and support users, access and control machines from a central location, or monitor workflows and confidential processes anytime, wherever end users are located, with AnyDesk’s Remote Desktop.

AnyDesk is feature rich and customisable

With AnyDesk’s built-in address book, file transfer, file manager, printing and clipboard features, not only can contacts and connections be synchronised and viewed but text, screenshots and files can be exchanged swiftly and securely, regardless of location.

And unlike some other remote offerings, AnyDesk can also ensure secure entry into a remote device via password even if no one is around to accept the incoming session. It also supports two-factor authentication with QR code functionality.

Additionally, Wake-On-LAN means devices can be exited from sleep mode, enabling connectivity via any other ‘awake’ device in the same network.

If you prefer an AnyDesk cloud solution, it runs in a dependent global server infrastructure provided by AnyDesk — and the on-prem version can be hosted in any independent network you manage.

Talk to our teams to learn more about how AnyDesk can help you accompany your entire customer journey, guaranteeing the high IT service levels that keep employees satisfied and underpin business success.

( Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay )