Whether partners need improved support for customers or enterprise IT, are looking to empower their teams working remotely, or working to engage mobility that can drive growth, TeamViewer Tensor can assist.

With Tensor, workers can operate securely from anywhere, and customers can be served and the IT managed at any time. TeamViewer enables technical support to be delivered easily, whenever needed, for optimum customer service and satisfaction.

Teams can access desktops, corporate servers, network files, and enterprise systems without needing VPN.

Also, remote access and remote control functionalities integrate seamlessly into your mobile apps — while ensuring support agents access and see information in the app only, not the entire mobile device.

Industry-grade security includes 4096-bit RSA/256-bit AES encryption and compliance with multiple security certifications and standards.

At QBS, we choose to work with the TeamViewer Tensor enterprise cloud connectivity platform also because it’s powered by the world’s largest remote connectivity infrastructure, across 200 countries and more than 2.5 billion devices.

TeamViewer Tensor can also deliver ongoing value across a diverse range of modern digitally transformed industries, both reducing downtime and increasing productivity, privately and securely.

Example use cases include

  • giving the ability to remotely manage, monitor, and control industrial equipment and machines to improve operational efficiency and reduce issue resolution time
  • maintaining and managing enterprise servers and Android-based point-of-sale (POS) systems, troubleshooting problems in real time, from anywhere
  • delivering end-to-end encrypted remote support for any device or machine
  • adding further remote access and control functionality to any application with TeamViewer’s Integration Suite, for the likes of SAP and Microsoft Intune

Want to learn more? For the top six reasons to take on TeamViewer Tensor, click here to watch this on-demand webinar, or simply give us a call at QBS.