API Access for VNC® Connect allows your customers to automate device management at scale, helping to increase efficiencies across their organizations.

Every company is unique in the way that they work. With the release of API Access, your customers can now build custom programs that integrate VNC Connect with company’s tools, processes, and data.

That means, for example, that your customers can create a real-time overview of their licensed devices within their IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, maximizing the value of IT assets and VNC Connect subscription.

Automated device management

When your customers have thousands of devices to manage across an entire organization, it is both time and resource intensive. Fortunately, API Access changes all that. Now your customers can automate what were traditionally manual tasks that required hours of an IT Manager’s time, reducing them to just minutes, or even seconds, worth of work.

For instance, API Access lets your customers build scripts to identify all duplicate devices and remove them from VNC Connect account. Or, at the click of a button, they can bulk add new devices to groups or rename multiple devices in one go, freeing their teams to focus on more important work.

Improved oversight of managed devices

A centralized view of device management allows teams to work more effectively.

Customers can make multi-tasking easy by removing the need to use VNC Connect’s Portal and reducing the number of places teams need to log in to for device management.

Leveraging VNC Connect data

Data delivers the most value when it’s not sitting in a silo. With API Access, VNC Connect data is now readily available to bring into other solutions and blend with other datasets. Not only does that give a real-time view of VNC Connect usage, but it also opens up a world of potential to uncover new usage insights and identify opportunities for optimizing your IT assets.

If you want to learn more about VNC Connect and API Access, contact QBS Nordics team at nordics@qbssoftware.com!