Today, more organisations in all countries – from the Nordics to the further East and South of our planet – need to communicate securely at greater distances, making remote email security and data compliance absolutely critical.

That’s why pan-European distributor QBS, with its award-winning software delivery platform, fully supported by our eight offices from Sweden and Germany to the UK and France, is working with GFI Software, easing network security and communications management.

GFI Software develops enterprise-grade solutions specifically for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). So far, more than 80,000 customers choose GFI solutions for the needed functionality to address everyday IT issues.

One key solution to the email security and related data compliance burden is GFI Archiver, for syncing, storing and managing all those emails, calendar, faxes, and files in one place.

As Sindy Rodas, pre-sales engineer at GFI Software, explains: “Often, people in an organisation are not aware of compliance and email security best practices. This puts sensitive information at risk of a data breach, leading to hefty fines and failing compliance audits.”

Email has remained the most important communications tool for organisations today. “That’s why malicious actors through the email have direct access to the weakest link in the chain,” she says.

With GFI Archiver working seamlessly alongside Microsoft Exchange, Office365, Google Apps and other email servers, the digital workplace achieves peace of mind around emails, calendars, faxes and files — as well as identifying and remediating threats from information breaches to productivity challenges with MailInsights reporting functionality.

Storage costs are slashed with Single Instance Storage (SIS), which stores only one copy of an email sent to multiple recipients and compresses attachments.

Audit trail functionality is simple to implement by setting storage times in GFI Archiver, and users can have their own corporate shared storage space, without the need for a third-party online storage provider, ensuring files don’t need to leave the company.

That’s not all. By partnering GFI Software you can ramp up the approach with solutions like GFI HelpDesk self-hosted service desk software to consolidate and integrate support functionality, collecting all customer interactions.

Even from the other side of the country or worldwide, users can adopt GFI solutions to gauge the overall mood and performance of employees based on email content, or find out who is using shared storage for inappropriate files.

Managers can pinpoint problems and competitive information leaks faster, whether it is a staffer who is using inappropriate language in emails or a user who is spending company time emailing recruitment companies.

Talk to QBS today about the full range of GFI Software solutions available to today’s email management and compliance bugbears.