The programmer education division of developer tools provider JetBrains has followed up seven New Year project releases with 43 new study topics and four more new projects for honing skills.

Anastasiia Pogorelova, writing in the February update for JetBrains Academy, said the new offerings target both beginners and seasoned programmers looking to expand their abilities in Python, Java, Kotlin and other programming languages.

Projects include Dolly, an easy Java project; HyperForms for Python; Nobel Laureates for Python; and Maze Runner, a “challenging” virtual maze project in Kotlin.

“In this (latter) project, you will create a program that generates mazes and then looks for a way out of them. Practice using the Random class with lists and multidimensional arrays and storing the results in a file,” Pogorelova said.

“Additionally, we have made the Secret Diary project available after its Beta release.”

Related Kotlin learning topics include Additional Instruments: Introduction to Kotlin Decompiling, Parameterized Test, Test Lifecycle Annotations, Introduction to Logging, and Standard Logging for JVM; Control Flow: Array Exceptions and Try-With-Resources; and Types and Data Structures: ArrayDeque, Stack, and Aggregate Operations on Collections: Part 2.

Click here for more details from the JetBrains blog on the new projects and topics, including for data science, machine learning, maths, HTML, JavaScript and more.

JetBrains announced seven new projects for learners in late January.

Last year saw multiple product releases and opportunities to teach and learn programming, according to JetBrains.

“JetBrains Academy added lots of knowledge areas and developed ways to explore them,” explained Regina Muradova, writing in the JetBrains for Education blog.

“We have counted 195,525 new learners, and now there are more than 650,000 in total,” she said. “In 2022 we released 13 new tracks, including the track that provides an opportunity to learn a new programming language – Scala, a dynamic and strongly statically typed language.”

The Scala track will deliver all the knowledge learners need about the Scala language, including syntax and mastery of the built-in tools, to be able to write simple programs combining different programming paradigms, she said.

JetBrains Academy also released three SQL tracks on the basics of the SQL query language, how to work with databases, and how to build a connection between an application and its stored data. These also give learners a chance to practice with MySQL — the world’s most popular open-source database, said Muradova.