When managed security provider SolutionIT wanted to enhance management of their team of specialists who work around the clock in three shifts, while ensuring they could respond in minutes flat, their top choice for remote access was AnyDesk.

For SolutionIT, the high quality and security of AnyDesk convinced their own security specialists. In addition, AnyDesk is easy to onboard and maintain, and can be hosted in house and on-prem.

AnyDesk has since gone on to demonstrate its reliability and value across all processes, regardless of security question or customer issue (you can read the full case study here).

Wherever and whenever users need access, AnyDesk can deliver on demand. The Address Book

facilitates fast discovery of target systems too.

Additionally, AnyDesk’s personalised Namespace enhances customer trust. Any user who seeks to connect to the system will be immediately recognised.

In fact, for SolutionIT, AnyDesk shaped up as the perfect solution for its managed security in terms of security standards, speed of process integration and reliability of continuous operation – leaving aside its intuitive user experience and unique features like Namespace.

AnyDesk can suit customers from multiple sectors, from industrial and critical systems or infrastructure to military or high-level government use cases. In the event of a cyberattack, SolutionIT employees need secure and fast access to the relevant systems within minutes, for instance, and even remote systems must be stable.

AnyDesk remote desktop software, now in version 7.1, has been downloaded millions of times. The Germany-based company boasts 100,000 customers across some 190 countries, including Google, McDonald’s and Bosch.

Alongside its improved software architecture and user interfaces, Version 7.1 is complemented by version II of the my.anydesk management console, aimed at simplifying secure admin of user accounts and access.

Non-commercial users are also given the option to create an AnyDesk account for access to functionalities such as the address book.

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