TeamViewer has big news! Today the new TeamViewer platform went live.

The fully web-based platform has a completely redesigned interface and is now accessible from any device.

What exactly has changed?

New user interface and web client

The new UI design is a big change and a step forward compared to TeamViewer’s previous UI/UX.

✓ Modern Look & Feel – The new and updated design language brings a fresh look & feel to the product and reflects the quality of the TeamViewer service.
✓ Web First – The new web client bridges the gap between desktop and browser and is now fully functional.
✓ Improved productivity – The most important functions have been rethought and can be reached with just a few clicks.

TeamViewer support sessions instead of ID & password

Passing on passwords by phone or chat is no longer up-to-date. Support sessions are a safer and more intuitive way to connect.

✓ Intuitive – Both parties need to enter a4 support session, similar to e.g. B. with meeting tools like MS Teams.
✓ Security – Support sessions do not require IDs and passwords to be reused, photographed, etc.
✓ Invitations – Link and session code can be shared through different channels like WhatsApp or directly via email.
✓ ID & Password can still be used – Users who prefer ID & Password can still use this way of establishing a remote session. They are displayed in a separate menu where they cannot be captured by a “passerby”.

Information about the experts

TeamViewer Expert Information

TeamViewer Remote provides more information about the identity of the connecting expert before starting the remote session.

✓ Transparency – Participants can see where the expert is connecting from, see their email address and whether they are using a licensed or free version.
✓ Prevention of human error – Clear messages advising the participant to exercise caution when accepting incoming remote sessions.
✓ Abuse Prevention – Expert intelligence helps identify malicious actors to prevent them from gaining access to a participant’s device.
✓ Confidence – Businesses can offer a powerful remote access solution, knowing that this added visibility increases user awareness.

Registration mask, social login and guided onboarding

TeamViewer Account Gate, Social Login, and Guided Onboarding

TeamViewer Remote requires a user account and offers the option to log in with an existing Microsoft or Google account.

✓ Abuse Prevention – A login mask deters malicious actors from using the platform and makes TeamViewer more secure overall.
✓ Personal Encryption Key – When using an existing MS or Google account, users will be prompted to set an additional personal key. Should your MS or Google account information become known, your TeamViewer login is still protected.
✓ Guided Onboarding – Users receive a guided onboarding that also prompts them to set up two-factor authentication to avoid misconfigurations and increase security.

Integrated remote monitoring and management

TeamViewer Integrated Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote device monitoring, asset and patch management are built into the TeamViewer Remote Client so IT professionals have everything they need in one place.

✓ Device Monitoring – Provides early detection of problems in the IT infrastructure and sends alerts when a device requires expert attention.
✓ Asset Management – Provides an overview of all deployed hardware and software, pulls real-time device information such as IP address, operating system, etc.
✓ Software distribution – Experts can distribute software to multiple devices simultaneously. Installations run silently in the background without disturbing end users.
✓ Patch Management – Detects vulnerabilities due to outdated software and allows the expert to distribute missing patches manually or automatically.
✓ Integrated experience– The remote monitoring and management functions are easily accessible via the TeamViewer Remote Client.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us .