QBS Software, the leading software distributor in Europe, announced a strategic partnership with 1Password, the world’s most-used enterprise password manager and a leading identity security and access management solution provider.

This partnership signifies a shared commitment to providing businesses with comprehensive security solutions in today’s ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. By combining QBS Europe’s expertise in software Distribution with 1Password’s industry-leading security platform, the two companies will empower businesses to protect their data and assets more effectively.

“Watching 1Password’s expansion into EMEA is incredibly exciting,” said Ikramul Khaled, Group Head of Vendor Alliances at QBS Technology Group. “Their growth and vision have always perfectly aligned with ours, and we are thrilled to be part of this journey, supporting their success every step of the way. By addressing critical security gaps with their new Extended Access Management (XAM) solution, 1Password is pioneering a new category in cybersecurity that ensures comprehensive protection across the modern, hybrid work environment, and we are excited to be their partner.”

Earlier this year, the company launched the 1Password Global Partner Program and the 1Password® Enterprise Password Manager – MSP Edition in beta to provide resellers, distributors, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with the tools and resources they need to help their customers become more secure.

The majority (68%) of security breaches are still caused by a human element resulting in compromised credentials, and the company recently launched 1Password Extended Access Management (XAM), an industry-first solution designed to secure every login to every app from every device, addressing the modern workforce’s need for even more seamless and secure access. Now available in the EMEA region, this solution protects users’ privacy and gives businesses strong security across managed and unmanaged applications and devices, while offering visibility and insights to help them meet resilience, compliance, and audit goals. As a leading enterprise password manager, 1Password enhances identity security by providing businesses with secure access to their most sensitive information, such as login credentials and SSH keys, actionable insights to address vulnerabilities, and seamless integration with existing security infrastructure.

Together, QBS Software and 1Password will provide businesses with:

  • Visibility and Control of Unmanaged Devices
  • Application Insights
  • Workforce Identity
  • Enterprise Password Manager (EPM)

This partnership marks a significant step forward in QBS Europe’s commitment to delivering best-in-class IT solutions to its clients. By leveraging 1Password’s industry-leading security platform, QBS Europe will be able to offer its clients a comprehensive suite of security solutions that meet the demands of the modern business landscape.


About QBS Software

Founded in 1987, QBS Software supports software publishers and channel partners drive efficiency and growth. The focus is on innovative enterprise software as well as cloud and consumer solutions. Headquartered in London, QBS Software combines experience, expertise, local presence and long-standing partnerships. The software distributor also has 7 offices across Europe.

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About 1Password

Trusted by over 150,000 businesses and millions of consumers worldwide, 1Password offers identity security and access management solutions designed for the modern work and living environment. Their mission is to eliminate the conflict between security and productivity while securing every sign-in for every app on every device. As the leading enterprise password manager, 1Password continues to innovate on its strong foundation to offer security solutions relied upon by companies of all sizes, including Associated Press, Salesforce, GitLab, Under Armour, and Intercom.

For more information visit www.1password.com or follow 1Password on LinkedIn.