QBS Technology Group partner Instructure is powering smarter classrooms and e-learning programmes, helping close the skills gap that restrains growth in so many industry sectors.

The Instructure Learning Platform – including Canvas by Instructure with Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas Studio and Canvas Catalog as well as Impact by Instructure for helping teachers and students adopt edtech – is a supporting tool for some 30 million educators and learners, across many thousands of education institutions and other organisations worldwide.

The edtech transition has only accelerated as more schools, colleges and corporations increase their proportion of learning that’s delivered digitally and online, in a virtual classroom. Instructure‘s mission is to enable a full featured digital teaching and learning experience.

The Virtual Virginia project in the USA has been using Instructure to create, for example, both ‘voice’ and ‘choice’ for learning opportunities that expand knowledge and improve practice – not least by supplying engaging and personalised learning experiences to teachers and students alike.

The statewide Canvas LMS initiative delivers a full programme of e-learning opportunities for professional development to public-school educators and teachers in topics from computer science to economics and even physical education or sport.

Here’s how 

Webinars, courses, certifications and workshops are all delivered online, accessible essentially anywhere at times that best suit busy schedules and enabling participation at learners’ own pace. The statewide LMS programme provides structured, role-specific pathways to build Canvas LMS skills too – as well as facilitating 150 different courses tailored for pupils in US grades 6-12.

Simply by implementing Canvas LMS, instructional designers and teachers can create and share content using specifically developed features including Assignments, Discussions, Modules, Quizzes and Pages.

They can increase collaborative efforts on course materials and among a learning group by using Collaborations, Conferences and Groups.

Desired learning-outcome based rubrics can be deployed. Instructors can measure and track learning metrics, while tools such as Chat, SpeedGrader and Gradebook facilitate feedback provision and reporting.

Discover more Canvas LMS capabilities here.

The Virtual Virginia programme also benefits from using Canvas Catalog as the course catalogue and registration system and Canvas Credentials for badging. It’s easy for teachers to get involved and demonstrate their progress in the professional development they need, with consistent experiences delivered across the entire programme.

Instructure’s reliable, tool-rich Canvas LMS has been designed to create better digital teaching and learning experiences, whether the organisation in question favours face-to-face, online or hybrid models.

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