Partners and end users can make Microsoft migrations a breeze with an application like ShareGate for desktop management.

That includes Microsoft 365 cloud applications like the ever-popular SharePoint.

“With ShareGate’s powerful reporting you will quickly gain a complete view of your inventory and jump to make the needed changes to modernise, organise, and secure your environment,” the vendor explains.

ShareGate’s menu migration tool enables partners and customers alike can reorganise and restructure SharePoint content effortlessly as well as save time managing permissions, metadata and file structures.

Because SharePoint sites are now being created at a record pace within many enterprises, it has become increasingly key to securely retain and protect the related information.

Key points of SharePoint governance

Correct implementation of SharePoint with the right tools enables users to better manage corporate assets and liabilities. In SharePoint, access to sensitive data can be wide-ranging.

Personal details and confidential corporate information, if leaked, not only risks compromising business activities and operations but can make organisations liable for heavy fines — in the case of, for example, a data breach notifiable to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

“Our internal data shows a significant increase in external sharing. Considering the rise in cybercrime, you need to stay in control of the who, what, where, and when of external sharing without hindering user productivity,” notes this ShareGate blog.

Compliance management, auditing tools and role-based permissions must all be configured.

In fact, the ShareGate team recommends forming a governance steering committee that includes stakeholders from across your organisation — not just IT. This group should meet regularly to discuss risks and governance strategy around intranet security.

“Some settings for Groups, [Microsoft] Teams, and SharePoint overlap with each other, particularly related to sharing and group or team site creation,” the ShareGate blog explains.

SharePoint is a platform for collaborative file editing and sharing via SharePoint team and communication sites, including a document library with version control.

Files can be shared within teams, across an organisation, or with external partners, so particular attention should be paid to retention policies, sensitivity labels and communication with end users or external parties.

By ensuring the appropriate information architectures and management sit “at the crux” of governance strategies for Microsoft SharePoint, IT admins can more easily and securely manage user access and requirements — wherever workers are based.

ShareGate is set to present a webinar on 14 April breaking down the key aspects of SharePoint management. Click here to sign up or learn more.