When Italian business consulting firm Consulman sought to amp up productivity, it selected easy e-learning course authoring software from iSpring Solutions.

“With solutions like iSpring Learn and iSpring Suite in your toolkit, available from QBS, organisations can benefit from powerful tools for creating professional e-learning courses and learning platforms across the board,” says Caroline Easton, marketing director at QBS.

An iSpring case study describes how Consulman now enjoys accelerated training opportunities that upskill its team, readying every corner of the company for further growth.

“With iSpring, we halved the time needed to build our training content,” reveals Celeste Nicodemo, Consulman product development supervisor, adding that iSpring has revolutionised the e-learning authoring process in the company.

“Our primary focus is the reorganisation of business processes, especially in the manufacturing and service sectors. We also deal with corporate training, where Consulman cooperates with companies of all sizes, from SMEs to prominent industry leaders, in order to create tailored e-learning projects that fulfil each company’s specific needs.”

iSpring applications, based on solid instructional design principles, are used by more than 40,000 people worldwide for organising e-learning and for developing training courses, presentations and tests in-house — and customers can access fast, personalised support completely free.

Not only does iSpring enable Consulman to produce e-learning content more quickly but it helps them multiply course availability to meet specific customer requirements, expanding the number and variety of solutions in its catalogue.

With Industry 4.0, remote working, and training requirements upping the ante on companies to keep pace and innovate, it has become ever more critical to serve customer training and upskilling requirements. Thanks to iSpring, Consulman can deliver more value directly to customer solutions.

“Around 70% of the courses available in our catalogue were designed for our clients, while the remaining educational products were developed specifically for the catalogue,” explains Nicodemo.

Create effective training and learning online

Content authoring process at Consulman begins with creating a storyboard in PowerPoint, incorporating text, animations, and audio. Further course design adds in quizzes and other specifics as required, before a series of reviews.

Previously, the company used a tool that had proven difficult to use, with a steep learning curve, especially for users new to e-learning – versus the iSpring Suite authoring toolkit, which is very user friendly, according to Nicodemo.

“Quiz creation is straightforward and provides the opportunity to assess learners’ knowledge retention. iSpring has a very intuitive interface that allows us to meet our training needs with the best technical solutions in no time. With iSpring, all the features are close at hand: e-book creation is also easy.

In addition, we appreciate the integration with PowerPoint, which allows us to leverage the potential of the Microsoft software and streamline the implementation phase,” she says.

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