DocuSign has unveiled Agreement Cloud: 2022 Release 2, showcasing exciting new product capabilities to help customer organisations unlock new and improved operations wherever work happens.

Enhancements include new integrations and features in the flagship DocuSign eSignature application, allowing more users carry out and conclude business whether in the office or away from a centralised network and working remotely.

It’s all about sending and signing workflows in an ‘anywhere economy’, with an application that makes doing this easier, more secure and less costly than traditional paper processes — as the company explains.

Users can now be granted permissions around sending or managing envelopes on another user’s behalf with the Shared Access feature — enhancing delegation capabilities while speeding up the agreements process.

In Bulk Send Management, bulk send batches will be able to be voided, corrected, and resent in a single action.

Enhancements to Agreement Actions mean users completed a first agreement can configure workflows that automatically trigger a second agreement.

“For example, a HR representative can create a rule that once a HR offer letter is completed, a second workflow is automatically triggered to send the new hire’s benefits package,” according to DocuSign.

More integrations and enhancements

Meanwhile,users paying with Stripe no longer need to switch between platforms to complete or review transactions or support customers. Instead, signing can be embedded in Stripe via DocuSign eSignature App for Stripe, a new integration for accounts, finance and support teams.

Beyond e-signatures, DocuSign CLM contract lifecycle management and Gen document generation are now connected, to enhance collaboration and business process automation.

New collaboration capabilities include task assignment to groups with a single @-mention and external review for counterparties. According to DocuSign, this is to reduce the need for documents to be sent back and forth.

DocuSign CLM users can now expedite cross-functional agreement reviews and approvals with Slack notifications, approvals, responses and resolutions, and view the latest obligations per Salesforce accounts.

Most new capabilities are set to be rolled out over the next month or two.

For a fuller description of new integrations and enhancements in DocuSign Agreement Cloud: 2022 Release 2 click here.

Or, to learn more about how the DocuSign platform automates the entire agreement process, integrating with systems an organisation already uses, contact the QBS Nordics team any time.