When Autoform Do Brasil wanted to improve training for customers of its high-tech automotive engineering software, it went with AnyDesk remote access.

According to Leonardo Prata, senior application engineer at the Brazilian subsidiary of Swiss engineering firm AutoForm, the reasons included AnyDesk security, ease of use, and low latency.

“We have customers in remote areas of the country, with bad internet connection,” Prata said in the AnyDesk case study.

“Our IT department went after a solution that provided secure remote access for our clients to connect to the high-performance AutoForm computers so we could provide our product training remotely.”

AutoForm software is used in the manufacturing of car parts, including for simulating and digitally planning the sheet-metal production process.

The company also supplies training courses to help clients make the best of its applications, whether at a basic or more advanced level, according to AnyDesk.

“This software training is an essential part of AutoForm’s services and, as such, it is important for them to provide an excellent training experience to all their clients, no matter where they are,” the remote-access software vendor said.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic that began in early 2020, AutoForm delivered its customer training in person, either at its own offices or at client locations. AnyDesk remote access enables the company to deliver training remotely across Brazil.

Remote training can happen simultaneously for several clients – meaning that AutoForm has increased the amount of training it can do in a given timeframe.

Previously, the training centre had to start preparing each customer training a couple of weeks in advance to ensure it could transfer the extensive files to the destination computers in time.

“Now they just need to create a session, send the credentials to their client, and they’re ready to apply the training,” according to AnyDesk.

“With AnyDesk’s near-instant responses even at low bandwidths, their customers have a great user experience, as if they were sitting in front of the AutoForm computer and not accessing it remotely.”

Autoform now has 200 AnyDesk users, carrying out 50 trainings a year involving around 100GB of course files, the vendor said.

AnyDesk security is customisable but also offers military-grade encryption, and is easy to use for non-technical users, it added.

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( Photo by Sébastien Goldberg on Unsplash )