When universities, schools, colleges or other learning centres seek to accelerate learning through student-centred experiences, Instructure’s Canvas LMS and other offerings can be your top choice.

Northern Arizona University (NAU) selected Canvas LMS early this year to achieve just that goal, making it the third of the three largest public universities in that US state to implement Instructure.

It’s all about creating an open, inclusive and robust e-learning environment. In NAU’s case, this means enhancing learning opportunities for some 30,000 students. Canvas LMS is part of the Instructure Learning Platform and a leader by market share for such offerings in higher education.

Working with a Canvas implementation, NAU and Instructure can ensure a smooth transition for students and teachers from a previous LMS provider too.

NAU evaluated an array of competitive providers for 10 months before settling on Canvas — including comparing notes across town hall meetings with some 25 stakeholder groups on LMS selection criteria.

Instructure‘s offering also satisfies technical and functional integration discovery and evaluation criteria, and at NAU passed a final assessment survey of 500 respondents among the students, faculty and staff.

For institutions aiming at post-secondary educational value for workforce-ready graduates, wherever they are studying, Canvas offers top-flight platform flexibility and reliability as well as a consistent, intuitive experience for both educators and the students they work with.

An SaaS learning environment that can streamline interactions and learning experiences, Canvas can help build strong teacher-pupil relationships across hybrid, in-person, or fully remote classrooms.

When operating a virtual classroom is simpler, educators can concentrate on what they do best — increasing opportunities and growth in learning and studying.

As part of the Instructure Learning Platform portfolio, learning management by Canvas contributes to an open, reliable and extensible learning ecosystem covering key pillars of assessment, professional development and analytics.

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