With Nitro PDF Pro and eSign software, like the Nitro Productivity Platform, partners benefit from powerful tools that help reduce paper use, emissions and business waste.

When you’re aiming for net zero and carbon emissions reduction, it’s critical to approach the problem in the round, considering all inputs and outputs. Businesses using Nitro can create, edit and share PDF files at pace, eliminating the need for physical printing.

And by adopting eSign software from Nitro, organisations leverage secure and legally binding electronic signature technology and dispense with manual processing.

In a stroke, customer organisations can shrink carbon emissions associated not just with printing and document handling but paper manufacturing and production, including transportation and storage of documents.

Eliminating the need to ship or courier physical documents can create even more carbon-related energy savings, freeing up resources at the same time.

Nitro leads the alternatives when optimising documentation, digitisation and PDF management for better content creation and collaboration for teams anywhere, regardless of device and network location.

Nitro‘s PDF and eSign software provide better traceability whether it is tracking comments in documents or progress of electronic signatures.

And with Nitro tools, users can also track, quantify and report environmental impacts – Nitro Analytics provides an ability to calculate emissions reductions and therefore the return on investment.

Save more on digitisation costs with Nitro

At QBS, we’re confident that by migrating to Nitro, users can enjoy significant cost savings over time.

Additionally, digital documents created with Nitro can be encrypted, password-protected and easily backed up for greater data security and reduced risk of document loss or theft — all while documents remain accessible to authorised users for flexible team-based collaboration.

And by working with Nitro alongside QBS, you’ll benefit from our 35 years of experience in optimising procurement and implementation.

Contact our Nordics team at nordics@qbssoftware.com or +46 (8) 55121499.