Whichever JetBrains developer toolsets you and your partner organisations favour, you can be sure of iterative innovation that continues to raise the bar.

JetBrains is super-consistent in rolling out new and essential releases fast, and also fixes.

This month the developer tool experts unveil updates for Agile project management tool YouTrack 2022.3, the C and C+ cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) CLion 2022.3 early access programme (EAP), the Go IDE GoLand 2022.3, and more.

The GoLand 2022.3 release candidate now includes full Go Playground functionality and is a build that speeds up indexing and IDE startup. Projects should open faster, and there’s also test generation for generic functions.

A couple of new features are live for Go workspaces — a Go Workspace File action for creating the go.work file, and you can generate go.work using the replace directives in go.mod. In addition, the new Go build supports Go doc comment updates, correctly rendering text links, doc links, new headings and lists both in the Quick Documentation popup and Documentation tool window.

The new YouTrack adds Space import functionality and a host of workflow and timesheet features as well as integration with popular social collaborative platform Telegram.

Users can leverage Telegram with YouTrack alongside Slack and email, making it easier to organise group discussions than ever, at any time, directly from the Telegram messaging app. Preview links to issues, get notified of new tasks or articles or of updates and comments on entries that you’re following and more.

The CLion 2022.3 EAP with C++20 modules, running since mid-September, aims to reduce problems using header files, by isolating declarations and limiting visibility — potentially speeding up the compile in many cases.

The CMake Debugger was introduced during the same time frame to make it easier to work with the CMake scripting language, helping developers work out the best strategy for debugging or identifying suspicious behaviours. The CMake Debugger helps developers set breakpoints, step through the code, and watch variables and targets in the tool window.

There’s plenty of other new tools too — click here to learn about the Wolverine library for local command handling and asynchronous messaging in .NET, or here to read about the public preview of the new, distributed IntelliJ based IDE, Fleet.

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